Custom Command Cabinets


911 Custom's Vehicle Cabinet line includes Command Cabinets, Storage Units and Weapons Cabinets. Our Custom Command Cabinets are made out of MDO plywood, covered with high quality marine grade carpet, and trimmed with black PVC bumper strip. The drawer fronts and doors are constructed of black, impact-resistant HDP composite. Our cabinets are fully customizable so we will custom design a cabinet to your specifications.

Custom Cabinets feature several options for any application such as SCBA mounts, command boards, file drawers, weapons drawers, storage drawers with dividers, open compartments, and even rear adjustable shelves with cargo netting for added storage space. Our design team can custom create a cabinet for almost any vehicle. While SUVs and Trucks have the most options available to create with, we can work with other vehicles such as the Charger and Interceptor Sedan.

Latches & Locks

All cabinet drawers, doors, or other moving components are secured utilizing standard, recessed, manual latches. Latches are also available with key locks built-in, and options such as slam latches, T-handle locks, and weatherproof folding latches can be special ordered. The Simplex push-button combination lock allows for quick entry into a drawer or compartment without fumbling for keys, and is reprogrammable to any 5-button combination. Simplex locks come standard on all Base Weapon Lockers. Electronic locks are available for spec for nearly any application, including EMS drug cabinets, weapon lockers, evidence bays, etc.

Carpet & Linings

Custom Command cabinets include exterior marine-grade carpeting for durability and come in several colors and styles to match or complement the interior of your vehicle, Optional linings for doors, drawers, dividers, or even cabinet exteriors include Scorpion™ protective coating, laminate overlays, or impermeable rubber matting for areas where biohazard contamination is a concern.


Cabinet drawers and doors can be outfitted with handles for better gripping and pulling, and can be specified in multiple shapes and sizes. Placement and orientation vary by design, and are not limited to one method or another.


Our cabinet drawers are designed for durability and quality, and are made from MDO plywood in most standard applications, but may be made out of aluminum, stainless steel, or powder-coated steel. Drawers can be made in almost any width, depth, or length, and are limited only by the overall size of the cabinet. Drawer sliders are high-quality ball-bearing sliders with weight capacities of up to 400 pounds per slider. Options for drawers include Latches, Locks, Carpet, Handles, and more

Foam Gun Molds

All weapons drawers are bottom-lined with high-density foam for protecting firearms and accessories from the rigors of every-day driving. Molds can be custom-made for nearly any rifle or tactical/short-barrel shotgun setup, and accomodates most scopes, tactical flashlights, straps, side saddles, clips, and sights.

Cooling Fans

For compartments or drawers where airflow is critical to the temperature management of electrical or electronic components, cooling fans may be added as necessary. Available in sizes ranging from 60mm to 150mm, DC case fans can push air through any cavity at rates from 20 to 130 CFM, all but ensuring that your equipment stays cool.

Command Boards

A true command cabinet has a command board that's easily accessible, and comfortable to use. We offer command boards that are dry-erase compatible, and magnetic boards for situations requiring moveable markers, and can design command boards in any size, orientation, or location imaginable, including boards that recess inside of drawers, tilting/easel-style mounts, and even vertical boards.


While 911 Custom Command cabinets are primarily made of MDO plywood and HDP paneling, and lined with marine-grade carpet, metal drawers and components are available. Drawers, drawer dividers, and compartment doors may be made out of aluminum, steel, or stainless steel in thicknesses up to 1/4-inch. Linings and finishes include carpet, powder coating, Line-X, rubber matting, or laminate.

Weapon Storage & Lockers

With the reality that electromagnetic gun racks are no longer considered "secure" for rifles and tactical shotguns, and increasing issues with space in sedans and some SUVs, our design team at 911 Custom has created several solutions for storing weapons and other valuables in your vehicle without sacrificing space or convenience. Horizontal or vertical drawers can become weapons lockers simply by adding a simplex lock or locking latches, and we offer standard weapons boxes constructed of wood, steel, and aluminum that mount in most vehicles, and allow for secured storage of rifles and shot guns.

Radio Panels

Command vehicles often utilize secondary radio control heads or multiple radios on several bands for interoperability or mutual aid. Radio panels provide space for those extra links to other agencies without cluttering the vehicle, and allow for easier concealment of wiring and cables, reducing wear and tear, and preventing potentially costly repairs from damage due to shifting or unsecured equipment. Panels can be made of wood, metal, or high-density plastic (HDP) and positioned nearly anywhere on a cabinet.

Equipment & Mounting

Utilizing open compartments, drawers, or even the top or sides of the cabinet, we can mount specialized equipment where you need it. SCBA brackets, docking stations, power supplies, inverters, DC power outlets, charging stations, flashlights, radios, speakers, and more. Our drawers also double as clean, durable, and electrically-neutral trunk trays for electrical/electronic equipment.

Safety Screens

Keep loose equipment stored on the top or the sides next to a cabinet contained while driving. Our use of CAD-controlled CNC cutting and shaping allows us to custom-design barriers and screens out of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, or diamond-stamped stainless steel in nearly any configuration, pattern, or thickness. Finished screens can be powder-coated, or sprayed with Line-X for lasting durability. While primarily intended for SUVs and vans, safety screens can be made for any application where containment (or ventilation) outside the cabinet is necessary.

Cargo Nets

Cargo nets are made from 2" seat belt webbing, and can be placed anywhere on a cabinet where soft restraint of objects or equipment is necessary. Quick-release buckles can be added for easier access of stored material.

Complete Custom Design

If you can dream it, we can build it. Our design process is simple: tell us what you want, where you want, and we take care of the rest. Utilizing state-of-the-art CAD software, CNC milling, and the highest quality components and materials, we can build your next cabinets exactly the way you want them, meeting any spec or standard necessary.


Other available options:

  • Battery compartments/covers
  • Trunk platforms
  • Spare tire crank access holes
  • Spine-board platforms
  • Refrigerator inserts
  • Key hooks
  • Magnetic parts trays
  • DC power ports
  • AC inverters
  • Compartment illumnation