About Us

911 Custom was founded in 2009 in order to fulfill a need for quality emergency vehicle installations in the Kansas City metro area. By utilizing the highest quality products and materials, and implementing the best installation techniques and standards in the industry, the company grew from two employees in a residential garage to over a dozen employees in a 15,000 square foot commercial facility in under 5 years.

911 Custom is more than a police supply store. Since its inception, the company has outgrown two buildings (including one with four garage bays), and has installations. 911 Custom now offers complete custom cabinet design/manufacturing, custom bracket design/fabrication, law enforcement products & accessories, a full range of flashlights, vehicle security & remote start systems, custom vehicle audio systems, and much more.

Some of the products and services we offer:

  1. Complete vehicle installations for police, fire, EMS, public safety, security, utility, DOT, wildlife/fish/game, etc. for all types of brands of public safety equipment and products on nearly any kind of vehicle imaginable
  2. A wide array of equipment for public safety vehicles, including:
  1. Whelen Engineering Emergency warning lights, sirens, and control/switching systems 
  2. Whelen Engineering Scene lighting, illumination, and interior lighting
  3. Havis Consoles & trunk trays, equipment trays, and mounting platforms
  4. Pro‐gard and Setina push bumpers, partitions, transport systems, and Havis K‐9 systems
  5. Secure Design custom cabinets, custom consoles, fire/medical/command cabinets, storage systems, lockers, etc.
  6. Pro‐gard and Setina gun racks, weapon locks, and weapon storage
  7. 911 Custom wiring harnesses, timers, centralized power distribution, and circuit protection for emergency vehicle systems 
  8. EF Johnson Radios, speakers, antennas, cables, and accessories 
  9. Noptic spotlight‐mounted thermal imaging systems 
  10. WatchGuard digital in‐car video systems, wireless mics, and high‐definition video systems
  11. Stalker Radar, Lidar, and In‐Car Video Systems
  12. Streamlight flashlights, tactical lights, and illumination products 
  13. Hint Mounts mounting systems.
  1. Trade‐in offers for older public safety vehicles and warning equipment in exchange for new equipment 
  2. Diagnosis, repair, and replacement service on nearly any kind of warning equipment for all public safety and service vehicles 
  3. Sales and installation for a wide array of aftermarket vehicle products for most makes and models of civilian vehicles